1. Customize workflow:

    • file: backend/main/react-agent/generateComponents.ts

    • description: Can control the flow of the generation process, run step by step or full flow.

  2. Render Application

    • file: frontend/main/src/GenReactApp.tsx

    • description: Render the generated application, see examples in the file.

      • use JsonSkeleton to render the skeleton of the page

      • use demo.tsx files to render the demo page

  3. Generate React Components

    • folder: create a folder under LOCAL_COMPONENTS_DIR (default frontend/main/src/react-agemt) (see .env.example file)

    • description: Generate a user-story.md file under the folder, make it as detailed as possible.

    • change CONTAINER_PATH in generateComponents.ts to the folder name

    • run the backend script to generate the React Components.

  4. Customize Folder Structure (see .env.example file)

    • UI_COMPONENTS_DIR - Where your UI components are located

    • DEMO_COMPONENTS_DIR - Where your UI components demo files are located

    • LOCAL_COMPONENTS_DIR - Where your generated components are located

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