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Getting Started

  1. 1.
    Clone repository
git clone [email protected]:eylonmiz/react-gpt.git
  1. 2.
    Change to the project directory
cd react-gpt
  1. 3.
    Get an OpenAI API Key
  2. 4.
    Set OPENAI_SECRET_KEY in backend/main .env file (see .env.example) or run the script below
  1. 5.
    Install dependencies
yarn install
  1. 6.
    Run Backend Script - This script generates the componenets
yarn backend:dev
  1. 7.
    Run Frontend App to see your components in action
yarn frontend:dev
  1. 8.
    Open frontend/main/src/GenReactApp.tsx
Read the instructions and change the example component to the component you generated
  1. 9.
    Read Project Customization Section
Read the Project Customization Section to learn how to customize and operate the project